TouchQuote UI Redesign

Role: User experience reviewer and designer

Techniques: Heuristic evaluation, wireframes, paper prototyping, observation, interviews

Technology: iOS

Summary: TouchQuote is an iOS application for WTS Paradigm which focuses on assessing and configuring building products for people selling in the home.  The original application was developed as a proof of concept, and design was not the initial focus.  The goal of the redesign project was to assess the current design, and suggest changes to the contracted design team. This included working with the product lead of the application as well as the marketing team to identify the goals of the system, the design aesthetic patterns, and create sketches and wireframes to provide to the team implementing the visual compositions. Original design visuals are available in the document below, as well as initial notes compiled from the heuristic evaluation. This also involved studying the Apple User Experience Guidelines, which Apple uses to test all applications submitted to the app store.

After the initial redesign was complete, I was involved as a designer in interviews and observation sessions (called ride alongs) to make further enhancements to the product.  Ride alongs involved shadowing a sales person as they sold using their current process and tools.  This allowed us to see where our program could fit in with their sales, instead of hindering them.

Documents: TouchQuote Redesign