King of the Road

Techniques: Requirements analysis, personas, competitive analysis, interviews, surveys, use cases, prototyping, usability testing

Technology: iOS

Summary: The goal of this project was to come up with an application idea as a team, and follow the complete design process. Our application was a road trip assistant, which would allow someone to maintain maps, document locations and sites, and maintain expenses. The process began with creating requirements for the application and identifying scope, performing user analysis and creating personas (KOTR Part 1). From there, we conducted interviews and a survey, and with the results, we created use cases and modified the requirements (KOTR Part 2). Finally, we designed some concepts, created a prototype using Axure (KOTR Part 3), and conducted usability testing (KOTR Part 4).

Documents: KOTR Part 1 KOTR Part 2 KOTR Part 3 KOTR Part 4